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Top Tips When Looking For And Using An Insurance Broker

1.  Make sure they are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority with a regulation number.

2.  It is also important to know if the Broker deals only with General Business, i.e. motor, home, etc., or are they only interested in Financial aspects of broking, i.e. Pensions, Life, etc.

3.  Can they explain the differences between different policies and where general business is concerned, and can they advise about the benefits of dealing with a Broker rather than going to Direct Line insurers?

4.  Is the Broker tied to one company or are they able to quote from different companies?

5.  Has the Broker has been recommended by a satisfied client?  If so then you are probably half way there to finding someone who will look after your personal requirements.

6.  Remember, always divulge everything to do with the cover required.

7.  All claims or problems in the last five years must be disclosed as the companies can always use this against you in an incident, and there is no use paying a premium when you cannot claim!

8.  If you make too many small claims in one or two years another company will decline to quote as you will be considered a claims risk, even if the claims have been very small.

9.  If you are declined by your present company other companies will definitely not want to know!

10. Finally, would you buy a shirt with only one sleeve and find you were not properly covered?  If you do not insure for the correct sum your company will invoke the average clause and you will not be paid your claim in full – if at all.