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Top Tips For Wearing A Hat Stylishly

1.  The taller you are, the larger the hat can be

2.  A long face needs to have a wide brim – a wide face needs a higher crown

3.  The brim of the hat should not be wider than your shoulders

4.  The least hair showing, the better (that includes no fringe!)

5.  Long hair should always be tied back and tucked behind the ears

6.  Hair clips to secure hair should be the same colour as the hair, not the hat

7.  A sharp looking hat complements a tailored suit – a more floaty outfit looks best with a softer looking hat

8.  A hat should be worn low – about 2cm above the eyebrows (unless it’s a pillbox)

9.  The hat should be the same colour as the outfit, rather than a contrasting colour (where there is a pattern or print, stick to the predominant colour)

10.  Don’t worry if the hat is too large.  You can make it smaller by nipping in the petersham ribbon running around the inside of the crown