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Top Tips For Winter Driving

Winter puts a strain on both the car and the driver, exacerbated by cold, wet weather and much shorter days.  In planning for a safe winter of driving there are three main issues to consider – having a reliable car, being able to see other road users and other road users being able to see you.

Top Tips When Booking and Using a Toastmaster

1.  Ensure the Toastmaster is affiliated to a professional organization

Top Tips For Helping Your Flower Arrangement Last Longer

1.  If your arrangement is standing in foam, keep it wet at all times - don't let it dry out. The coloured foam dries out more quickly than the normal green and should be moistened every day. 

Top Tips on Eyecare

1. Visit your Optometrist routinely.  An eye examination is a health check, not just to see if you require spectacles. Eye diseases and general health conditions such as diabetes and blood pressure can be detected at a routine eye examination.

Top Tips When Looking To Buy A Flat

1.  Check the security arrangements for both getting into the building and the garage.