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US Rabbanim learn about ‘Money, Markets and Morals’ at Canary Wharf

P'eir News
P’eir, the professional training arm of the United Synagogue rabbinate, recently organised a day’s development seminar hosted at State Street Bank & Trust Company.

P’EIR and the Community Services Division Hold Dual Leadership Symposium

Last week, some seventy rabbis, rebbetsens and key lay leaders met at Mill Hill Synagogue to brainstorm ideas and strategies for improving the leadership of our communities. 

P’eir Holds Professional Development Day For Rabbis

At a recent professional development day arranged by P’eir, some 27 rabbanim attended two seminars.

Dayan Gelley features at P’eir ‘Advanced Shimmush’ Seminar for Rabbanim

P'eir News
P’eir’s Advanced Shimmush seminars provide training for Rabbis in subjects that they would not normally encounter in depth during their studies in Yeshivah or Kollel. Recently, our rabbanim listened to a presentation led by Dayan Menachem Gelley, senior dayan of the London Beth Din, who outlined some of the issues relating to what one may or may not ask a non-Jew (eg synagogue caretaker) to do on Shabbat.

Kinloss Kollel Arranges Learning 'Chavurah' for US Rabbanim

Last week, P’eir joined forces with the US Living and Learning department and arranged a learning  ‘Chavurah’ for US Rabbanim under the auspices of the Kinloss Kollel, headed by Rabbi Daniel Roselaar.