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D'var Torah: Mah Tovu; The words we say when entering shul

'How good are your tents Jacob, your dwellings Israel' (Bamidbar 24,5). "Mah tovu ohalecha Yaakov, mishkenotecha Yisrael". This verse, familiar from the Siddur as we enter shul (Green Siddur, page 4), is taken from the attempted curses of the non-Jewish prophet Bilam.

D'var Torah: From a Rock to a Good Place!

Rabbi Michael Laitner
'And Moses raised his hand, and he struck the rock with his staff, twice...' (Bemidbar 20,11)

D'var Torah: Words with meaning or the meaning of the words?

Rabbi Michael Laitner
'…that he not be like Korach and his cohorts…' (Bemidbar 17,5)