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D'var Torah: How to Create an Experience

Rabbi Michael Laitner
'Tithe all the produce that you sow…and eat it in the place that God will choose to make his presence rest…so that you will learn to fear the Lord your God all of the days' (Devarim/Deuteronomy 14:23)

D'var Torah: The Special Nature of the Land of Israel

Rabbi Michael Laitner
'Because the Land to which you are coming to, to possess, is not like the land of Egypt, which you left, where you would sow seeds, and water it by foot like a vegetable garden. The Land to which you will cross over (the river Jordan) to possess is a Land of hills and valleys, from the rain of the heavens, you will drink water. A Land to which the Lord your God pays special attention. Always, the Lord your God’s eyes are on it, from the beginning of the year, to the year’s end'. (Devarim 11:10-12)

D'var Torah: Back to Sinai?

Rabbi Michael Laitner
"The Lord our God spoke to us at Chorev saying, enough time staying at this mountain" (Devarim 1, 6)