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D'var Torah on Vayigash

"And Israel (Jacob) and all that he had journeyed and he came to Be'er Sheva. And he offered Zevachim to the God of his father Isaac" (Bereishit/Genesis 46:1)

Why did Joseph not send a message home?

"(8) And Joseph recognised his brothers but they did not recognise him. (9) And Joseph remembered the dreams which he had dreamt about them. And he said to them, ‘you are spies’, you have come to survey the vulnerability of the land." (Bereishit 42:8-9)

Insights into Chanukah

Rabbi Dr Moshe Freedman
There are many thematic connections between the story of Joseph, which we read in shul on Shabbat during the period of Chanukah, and the festival of Chanukah itself. One episode in particular reflects the very essence of Chanukah and contains a stunningly beautiful message for our times.