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D'var Torah: Counting the Levi'im

Rabbi Michael Laitner
'But the tribe of Levi you shall not count…' (Bemidbar/Numbers 1:49) Rashi, the premier Torah commentator, makes several comments on this pasuk (verse) which we shall discuss.

D'var Torah: The world to come, "Olam Haba": Is it referenced in the Torah?

Rabbi Michael Laitner
"And I will walk amongst you, and I will be God to you and you will be a people to Me." Vayikra/Leviticus 26:12

D'var Torah: Charging Interest

'Do not take 'neshech' interest or 'tarbit' interest from another person – and you shall fear your God, and your brother shall live with you.' (Vayikra 25:36)