You're Hired! Tribe Kosher Apprentice 2011 Winners Announced

Tribe Kosher Apprentice, the exciting new Tribe programme introduced into schools during the summer term drew to a close at the end of last week. Taking place at Rosh Pinah, Moriah and Kerem Primary School's, pupils from Year 6 were split into teams with the ultimate aim of creating a new kosher product ideal for the kosher nosh guide. The project was integrated into a number of different classes as the teams came up with ideas for their products and spent time creating and designing the branding, packaging and promotional material.

Once the products were ready and presentations prepared, each school had a final where the teams pitched their products in front of a panel of judges with backgrounds in Marketing, Kashrut and working with children. Marks were based on criteria including originality, nutritional content, design and marketing of the product, and presentation skills.

Team pitches were engaging and innovative and it was clear that there was a lot of thought and preparation put in beforehand. PowerPoint presentations were used to describe the product ingredients and manufacturing process along with slogans and live action adverts. After the pitches, the judging panel questioning the groups on their products and were met with intelligent and humorous answers. 

At Rosh Pinah, the winners were ‘The Healthy Snack Shop’ with ‘Kosher Pyramid Surprise’, a delicious chocolate pyramid of chocolate balls covering an inside of honeycomb, caramel and raisins which further inside hides a surprise toy. A prize giving ceremony took place with Tribe Executive Director Rabbi Andrew Shaw awarding a fantastic chocolate fountain maker to each member of the winning team.

The winning team at Kerem Primary School were five girls who came up with ‘Chocalle’, an apple cut in half with the core with melted chocolate and syrup around the outside. The apple is then placed in the fridge and available to ‘buy’ when the chocolate and syrup harden. The team showed a PowerPoint presentation of exactly how to make the product, created the packaging and bought it in for the judges to see and finished with a song to advertise the product.

The final round took place at Moriah Primary School where ‘Sugar Junior’ were crowned the winners with their ‘Tongue Tasters’ and ‘Mini Tongue Tasters’ fruit flavoured Jelly bar and Jelly beans.

Hollie Conway Tribe Kids Fieldworker;

“It has been a pleasure to introduce the first ever Tribe Kosher Apprentice into the Jewish Primary Schools. I could tell that the kids had a lot of fun coming up with their products and presenting to the judges. The responses from the teachers have been very positive and we have already been asked to repeat Kosher Apprentice next year. Tribe are looking to introduce Tribe Kosher Apprentice into more primary schools as I am sure there are a lot more budding Sugar Juniors around!”

Rabbi Jonny Spector, Head of Jewish Studies at Kerem Primary School said:

“The children loved it and they learnt so much. My thanks go to Tribe for organising such a fantastic learning experience”

Justin Kett, Head of Jewish Studies at Rosh Pinah said;

“Tribe’s idea for the Kosher Apprentice inspired our Year 6 children to work collaboratively on this project, in a way that made us all very proud.  The Kosher Apprentice captured their imagination and harnessed all their best qualities to produce such inspiring and entertaining presentations.  The Jewish Community is likely to benefit from the drive of these budding entrepreneurs sometime in the future.  We can’t wait to repeat this again in the future and to continue working with TRIBE to inspire the next generation of Lord Sugars!”

Daniel Gastwirth, Head of Jewish Studies at Moriah Primary School said;

"The Tribe 'create a kosher snack' competition was fantastic for our Year 6 'after SATs activities.' It enthused the children greatly, was launched in style by the Tribe team and gave creative team-work opportunities to the class. We would certainly do it again!"

Amber, Sophie, Tamara, Gina and Ava from the winning team at Kerem said:

 “The Kosher Apprentice was amazing, it was so fun and we are so happy we won. Well done to everyone else as well.” 

The winning team at Rosh Pinah, ‘The Healthy Snack Shop’ commented:

“It was good how Tribe thought of this great idea. The best part was presenting to the panel because I enjoyed showing our work to my friends and all the judges.”

Rabbi Andrew Shaw Director of Tribe said;

"Tribe Kosher Apprentice enabled Year 6 to engage with kashrut and was a really good way to promote the new Kosher Nosh Guide by the KLDB. I received a really nice reception at Rosh Pinah and I look forward to coming back for Tribe Kosher Apprentice next year!"

'The Healthy Snack Shop' Winners at Rosh Pinah (Above); receiving their prizes from Tribe Director Rabbi Andrew Shaw (Below)

'Sugar Junior', winners at Moriah.

The winners at Kerem. (Below)

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