Tribe helps US Communities Celebrate Chanukah

The Tribe team have had an incredibly busy Chanukah weekend assisting our communities in keeping kids occupied and entertained with a wide range of exciting activities.

At the St John’s Wood and Pinner nurseries, Tribe Kids made their own Menorot out of wood and bottle caps and decorated them with glitter, paint and little pompoms! They also decorated their driedels with lots of colour and glitter and coloured in special Chanukah pictures to take home to their families.

Chanukah parties were held at both Radlett and Kinloss where over 250 kids swarmed to the Tribe doughnut factory. They got creative injecting doughnuts with yummy fillings: chocolate, jam and caramel. Needless to say the most popular filling was an overflowing combination of all three!

The event organisers at Radlett were really pleased with the involvement of Tribe. Amanda from the Radlett Children's Committee said “The Tribe stall was a perfect addition to our event and was very successful with the 60 children who attended. The madrichim were great fun and the kids really enjoyed their stall. Please bugsy us the same stall next year!”

Watford Mayor Dorothy Thornhill, a special guest at the Radlett Chanukah party, was also impressed by the contribution made by Tribe and stated her interest in working closely with Tribe in the near future.

At New West End Synagogue, Tribe ran an afternoon Chanukah party attended by 60 Kids for over an hour of arts and crafts along with the popular doughnut factory. Gaby Morris of New West End said, “It was lovely seeing so many youngsters having a really good time! I want to add a huge thanks to the Tribe team for their patience and creativity!”


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