Really Jewish Food Guide 2011 Launches

A brand new edition of the Really Jewish Food Guide has been launched and with over 600 new products, keeping Kosher has never been easier. The new guide has been redesigned and fully updated and includes a wealth of useful information about Kashrut.
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The Really Jewish Food Guide 2011/5771

Within the the guide are a number of informative articles and how to's regarding the different methods and laws of Kosher Living. Also included is a complete list of KLBD licensed Caterers, Restaurants, Shops and advice on keeping Kosher abroad. For those that like to eat out, KLBD have teamed up with a number of licensed restaurants and deli's to offer over 20 money off and discount vouchers to use throughout the year.

Over the past year there have been a number of exciting developments included the launch of Tesco’s own brand of Kosher Baked Beans and the introduction of supervised bread and Challah at Waitrose and other outlets.

Rabbi Jeremy Conway, Kashrut Director of KLBD was thrilled with the launch of the new guide.

He said; “The new ‘Really Jewish Food Guide’ is an anglo-jewish bestseller and an essential item for every Jewish home. Keeping Kosher is an integral part of Jewish life and we are delighted that the Really Jewish Food Guide -now in its 16th year- helps make jewish living easier and more enjoyable."

Alongside the guide, there are many ways to access the latest kosher product news and alerts. Free updates are available by e-mail and text and joining the successful KLBD Facebook group is the new Twitter feed. ‘The Really Jewish Food Guide’ is available as an app at £6.99.

The ‘Really Jewish Food Guide 2011’ is now available at most Jewish Shops and Supermarkets in London and retails for £9.99. For more information visit the KLDB website or e-mail

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