First Ever Mini-Gap Fantastic Success

Organised for the first time by Tribe working with a number of other Orthodox organisations Mini-Gap was a fantastic opportunity for Year 13's and first Year University students to experience an intense and stimulating summer in Israel as an alternative to a full length Gap Year experience.

Activities included tours of historic and important sites in Israel such as the Western Wall and Tzfat, a five day sea to sea hike from the coastal resort of Achziv ending at the Kinneret as well as rafting, jeeping, hiking through the desert, barbecues on the beach and spending time on a Kibbutz.

Simon Taylor, the Head of Programme said: “Mini-Gap has been all about pushing personal limits. It has been a roaring success from the start, and all the participants have been amazing- so motivated and enthusiastic. We will miss them all when they leave, and take pleasure knowing that Mini-Gap has changed their lives forever!”

Some of the Tribe participants gave us their views:

Adina Holder: “Mini-Gap was the most incredible summer of my life. It has given me the confidence I need to start university.”

Mitchel Vivanti: “A unique and unforgettable experience!”- “A condensed Gap Year and More!”

Taphat Godsdi:“Volunteering in so many places was highly rewarding and we truly feel like we’ve made a massive difference and made our mark on society.”

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