Inspirational US Women's Forum

Women from 16 Shuls in North West London gathered last week at Mill Hill United Synagogue to share their experiences of being women members on their Synagogue's board of management.

These 40 enthusiastic women exchanged news, views and swapped ideas of benefit to each other and their communities. All were elected to their boards in the recent Shul elections. Some had served many years and in many roles, while others were taking on the challenge for the first time.

They had the chance to meet Steve Pack, President of the US, just 24 hours after his appointment to the post.

Two of the many great ideas raised included the possibility of more Shuls making meals for new mums and for those sitting Shiva by a rota of ladies cooking in their Shul kitchens, as already happens at Hendon and Kenton United Synagogues. Another initiative was to look into implementing a system of mentoring groups and individuals to help divorced and bereaved people, and those who become single parent families. There is a need for both of these initiatives to be active in many of our communities.

Other talking points highlighted by group discussions included the appointment of the next Chief Rabbi, the changing demography of the modern Orthodox community and the best way of committees reporting to full board meetings.

Watch out for news of other forums being held near you.

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