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what a good idea. Wonderful for peolpe to be able to learn privately and therefore not feel embarrassed. This will increase their confidence and commitment. Knowledge is so imortant especially for the generation that missed out on good Jewish education.
Fabulous! Kol ha kavod
Haven't seen these yet, but this is exactly what the US should be doing. So many people are excluded by not knowing.
A simple, excellent idea in an attractive, user friendly format. Basic Jewish practice supported by simple reasons for it.
Great idea.
Please keep adding new videos. It's great to learn new things and to confirm that the way we do things is correct.
Keep up the good work
From the few that I have seen thus far they are simple and practical - thank you.
This is what I told them on the boat, open up the internet and learn how to keep Shabbat education, education, education. This is what I explained was the purpose of the television program two Jews on a cruise.

Fantastic resource!Learn more about Shabbat abd more with your kids at
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