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- What is Yizkor?

- What is an Eshet Chayil?

- Why do we bow at certain points during prayer?

- How Do You Work Out Shabbat Times?

- What is Chanukah Gelt and What is the Origin of the Dreidel?

- Why do some families have the custom that a woman does not go to a Levoyah (funeral)?

- Why do girls have a Bat Mitzvah at 12 and boys have a Bar Mitzvah at 13?

- At What Ages do Jewish Boys Start Wearing Tzizit and Tallit?

- Should we Keep Bread on the Table During Shabbat Meals?

- Why Do a Bride and Groom Not Wear Jewellery Under the Chuppah?

- Why do we use a Pointer When Reading the Torah?

- Why Can't We Mix Fish and Meat Together?

- What is Kaddish?

- Why do we Live in a Succah on Succot?

- Should I be thinking of all the things I have done wrong on Yom Kippur? 

- Is it wrong to think of food on Yom Kippur? 

- Why can Rosh Hashanah Never Fall on a Sunday?

- What is Tashlich?

- Why do we bow to the floor on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur during Aleinu? 

- Is There a Blessing for Everything in Judaism?

(Answers from Rabbi Boruch Boudilovsky and Rabbi Geoffrey Hyman)

- Where does God live?

- Why do Jews Say L'Chaim Before Drinking Alcohol?

- What is Semicha?

- Why do some people write Beit Hey at the top right of a letter and why are there so many variations?

- What is Kabbalah?

- Why do we Fast on Tisha B'av?

- Why do we read a different Sedra each week?

- What are The Three Weeks?

- What is the Fast of the 17th Tammuz?

- Do Jewish Newborns Have to be Named in a Synagogue?

- What is Shemitta?

- Why do we Need a Minyan for Prayer?

- Do Jews Have to Have a Hebrew Name?

- How Do You Become a Cohen, Levi or Yisrael?

- Do we Have to Stay Up All Night on Shavuot?

- Why Do Diaspora Jews Keep An Extra Day During Some Jewish Festivals?

- What is the Omer?

- What is Lag B'Omer?

- What is Shatnez?

- Why do we Kiss a Siddur if it Falls on the Floor?

- Why Do We Sell Our Chamtetz Before Pesach?

- What is Shemura Matzah?

- Why can't Ashkenazi Jews eat Kitniyot (Beans, Rice or Pulses) on Pesach?

What is the Difference Between a Rabbi and a Dayan?

- Why Does the Jewish Calendar Sometimes Have an Extra Month Called Adar Sheni?

- What is The Best Thing To Say To a Mourner?

- Why do We Say Amen When Someone Says a Bracha?

- Why do we Not Speak Between Washing Our Hands and Eating Bread? 

- What is Tu B'Shevat?

- What are Tefillin?

- What is the Most Important Verse in the Torah?

- What is the Significance of Having Two Challot on Shabbat?

- Why Can't Cohanim Go Near a Cemetery?

- What is written on a Mezuzah?  

- What is a Gemach?

- Is it correct that on Chanukah we have a custom to eat diary foods?

- What is a Yarzeit?

- Why do We Dress the Sefer Torah?

- Why do Jewish men wear a Kippa and Tzitzit? 

- Do we have 10 Commandments or 613 Commandments?

- What is Shaimos?

- Do I Keep the £10 note I found or give it to charity?

- Why do the Cohanim Take Off Their Shoes Before Reciting the Priestly Blessing?

- Why do we Wash Our Hands Before Eating Bread?

- How do we use a Luluv and Etrog?

- Why Are we Allowed to Carry on Yom Tov and Not Shabbat?

- Why can't we Eat Fish and Meat Together on the Same Plate?

- Should a Bat Mitzvah Young Girl Begin Lighting Shabbat Candles?

- Why is it That When Women Light Shabbat Candles They do Inward Waving Motions with Their Hands?

-Why do Some People Give a Tenth of Their Money To Tezdakah/Charity?

- Why do Jews Face East When they Pray?

- I am a Firstborn. Do I have any Special Privileges?

- Why Can I Drink All Whiskies But Not All Wines?

- Why are Jews Allowed Piercings but not Tattoos?

- Why do we Look at our Fingernails During the Havdalah Service?

- What's the Torahs view on exercise?

- What is a Ketuba?

- I Like to Play Cards. Is Gambling Allowed in Jewish Law?

- Why Are We Instructed to have Dairy Products on the Festival of Shavuot?

- Why Do We Sit On Low Chairs During A Shiva And Why Does A Mourner Eat An Egg For His First Meal After The Funeral?

- What's Lag B'Omer All About?

- Why do we Bless Our Children on Friday Night?

- What is a Shidduch? 

- Why do we Need a Mechitza?

- Why do Some Jews Wear Black Hats and Long Black Coats?

- What is the Difference Between Tallit and Tzitzit?

- Is it ok to Watch TV on Shabbat if it is on a Time Switch?

- Why is the Shema so Important?  

- Why do we Make a Noise When we Read the Name of Haman During the Megillah?

- What Are Angels?

- Why can't a Jewish Man Listen to a Woman Singing? 

- Why do People Lift Their Finger up to the Torah on Shabbat When it is Held Up?

- What is Havdallah and Why is it Important? 

- Why is the Basic Period of Mourning (the Shiva Week) 7 Days?

- Why do we Take Three Steps Back and Three Steps Forward at the Begining of the Amidah? 

- What is the Significance of Wearing the Kippa?

- What is a Chuppah and What is its Significance?

- What is the Significance of the Magen David - Star of David - to Judaism? 

- Why Do We Put Salt On Challah When We Eat It On Shabbat? 

- Why do Some People Have the Custom of Waiting Until Their Boys are 3 to Have Their First Haircut?

What is the significance of Brit Milah?

- What is the Eruv and Why Should I be Interested in it? 

- What for me is the Key Theme of Chanukah?

- Why do we Light Shabbat Candles?

- Why do some Jews write the name of God as 'G-d' rather than God?

- Why is it that Some People Kiss the Mezuzah when Entering or Leaving their Home?

- Why do we Pray?

- What do People do at Yeshiva and Sem?

- Why do we Cover our Eyes When we say the First Verse of the Shema?

- Praying For Rain - Where and When?

Simchat Torah vs Shavuot - What's the Difference?

Why do Jewish Men Wear a Kippa and Tzitzit?

Rabbi Harris's piece is a nice and concise presentation and wonderful suggestion as to how to do a mitvah with a lost object. Next time a wild bronco wanders into my front yard I'll know just what to do according to halacha. Very useful even in Texas.

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