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Is There a Blessing for Everything in Judaism?

Ask the Rabbi
Rabbi Geoffrey Hyman of Ilford United Synagogue answers the question of whether there really is a blessing for everything in Judaism.

Why do Jews Say L'Chaim Before Drinking Alcohol?

Ask the Rabbi
Noticed how Jews have the custom of saying 'L'Chaim' before drinking an alcoholic drink? Rabbi Jonny Hughes, Associate Rabbi at Hendon United Synagogue talks to us about the sources of this custom.

What is Semicha?

Ask the Rabbi
Rabbi Dr Moshe Freedman of Northwood United Synagogue explains what Semicha is.

Why do some people write Beit Hey at the top right of a letter and why are there so many variations?

Ask the Rabbi
Rabbi Ginsbury of Hendon United Synagogue discusses why some people write Beit Hey at the top right of a letter or email and why there are so many variations of this abbreviation.

What is Kabbalah?

Ask the Rabbi
Rabbi Shlomo Odze, Associate Rabbi of South Hampstead United Synagogue explains what Kabbalah is.