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Why do we use a Pointer When Reading the Torah?

Ask the Rabbi
Rabbi Shlomo Odze, Associate Rabbi of South Hampstead United Synagogue explains why we use a pointer (known in Hebrew as a Yad) when reading the Torah rather than our finger.

Why Can't we Mix Fish and Meat together?

Ask the Rabbi
Rabbi Yisroel Fine of Cockfosters and N. Southgate United Synagogue discusses why Fish is not considered meaty and also why we should not mix fish and meat.

What is Kaddish?

Ask the Rabbi
Rabbi Meir Salasnik of Bushey & District United Synagogue talks about the Kaddish prayer.

Why do we Live in a Succah on Succot?

Ask the Rabbi
Rabbi Jonny Hughes, Associate Rabbi at Hendon United Synagogue and the Tribe Chinuch Liaison talks about why people sit in a Succah on Succot.

Should I be thinking of everything I have done wrong on Yom Kippur?

Ask the Rabbi
Rabbi Leo Dee of Radlett United Synagogue discusses why you don't necessarily have to think of everything you have done 'wrong' on Yom Kippur.