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What is the Omer?

Ask the Rabbi
Rabbi Dov Kaplan of Hampstead Garden Suburb United Synagogue discusses what the Omer is and when it occurs.  

What is Lag B'Omer?

Ask the Rabbi
Rabbi Dr Moshe Freedman of Northwood United Synagogue talks about the festival of Lag B'Omer.

What is Shatnez?

Ask the Rabbi
Rabbi Jonny Hughes, Associate Rabbi at Hendon United Synagogue talks about what Shatnez is.

Why do we kiss a Siddur if it falls on the floor?

Ask the Rabbi
This week Rabbi Yoni Birnbaum of Hadley Wood US answers the question of why we kiss a siddur or any holy Jewish book if it falls on the floor.

Why Do We Sell Our Chamtetz Before Pesach?

Ask the Rabbi
Rabbi Harvey Belovski of Golders Green United Synagogue answers the question of why we sell our chametz products to non Jews before Pesach.