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LEADER: United Synagogue Schools and Nurseries

Choosing the right school or nursery for your child is, perhaps, one of the most important decisions you make in your life. United Synagogue schools and nurseries cover many parts of North London and are all of a very high standard, both in secular and Jewish studies.

United Synagogue nurseries are warm and nurturing places, all with well qualified staff and excellent resources. Our seven primary and two secondary schools consistently achieve excellent results, from SATs to A levels.

When your child comes home on a Friday night to tell you about the sidra of the week, or sings a new song about the upcoming festival, you know that you have made the right decision. When your child starts to take its first steps in modern Hebrew, using the best quality curriculum and resources, tailor made for United Synagogue schools, you can be sure that this is the best school for your child. When the time comes for school trips to Poland or Israel, in the company of education experts, you can be certain that United Synagogue schools have given your child the most appropriate foundation for life. The friends they make, the relationships they forge, the knowledge they gain - all of these will stay with them for life.

The CRP: what is it, why do I need it and how do I do it?

Your simple six step guide to completing the form.

The CRP is the Certificate of Religious Practice, which all our schools now require in order to ascertain whether your child has priority admission to a Jewish school. All United Synagogue primary schools and their nursery units use the same form. There are some other schools, also under the religious authority of the Office of the Chief Rabbi (OCR), that have fairly similar CRP forms. Although the US/OCR secondary schools use the same form as each other, it does differ slightly from those used by the primary schools. It is up to you, as parents or carers, to make sure that you know what each school requires.

Step 1 – obtain the CRP form from the school/s of your choice and read them carefully.


Step 2 – for synagogue service attendance contact your local United Synagogue and register your child’s / children’s name/s at least two days before the first attendance.


Step 3 – ensure that you and your child/ren attend at least the required number of Shabbat morning services, during the relevant months and that your/your child’s attendance is recorded.


Step 4 – if you or your child/ren cannot attend sufficient times, make sure that enough points are gained by education attendance and / or volunteering. The CRP form will tell you clearly what is required.


Step 5 – make sure that the synagogue office staff and / or the relevant person has signed your CRP form, or provided you with a signed letter confirming attendance.


Step 6 – send a copy of the completed CRP form (and letter if provided) to each school to which you are applying, together with the schools’ completed Supplementary Information Forms (SIF).


NB: For school applications for September 2012, the recording of Shabbat morning synagogue attendance runs between 7 May 2011 and 7 January 2012 at US synagogues.

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United Synagogue schools and nurseries - the best start you can give your kids.

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