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Having Fun on Tribe Camp

CX Diary: Week Ending 16/02/2013

This has been another whirlwind week, with hardly a moment to breathe. On top of my agenda have been my efforts to visit communities, and in particular discuss with Shul Chairmen how the central professional team can better and more effectively engage with communities.

Horsemeat Scandal: Thoughts from the Kosher Perspective

It has been quite extraordinary to hear about the major international companies and - one might have thought - trustworthy brands, caught up in the horsemeat scandal.

CX Diary: Week Ending 09/02/2013

What a fabulous shul Hampstead is. I had the real pleasure of attending a wedding ceremony in their renovated shul building on Sunday. It is a truly awe inspiring shul, and the efforts the community have put in to beautify it have really paid off. Later in the week I again visited Hampstead to meet with their Chairman and Vice Chair, to discuss how the US Centre is performing, what we can do to do better, how we can involve local communities even more in the strategic development of the US, and also to listen to local issues that are of concern to the community.

CX Diary: Week Ending 2/2/2013

Every three months the executive of the Rabbinical Council of the United Synagogue meet up with my senior professional team and me to discuss issues that have arisen, look at how we can work closer together as a team, and look at areas where we can add value to the various programmes and activities both groups are developing. 

CX Diary: Week Ending 26/01/2013

The United Synagogue has direct responsibility for 48 full member synagogues, 13 affiliated communities and 1 associate community. In addition to that there around 70 communities across the UK that take their religious authority from the Chief Rabbi. These regional communities are very loyal to mainstream Orthodox Judaism, are strongly committed to their Jewish heritage and traditions, and are critical elements of their Jewish communal life. Whilst each community is a separate charitable trust and has separate arrangements for burial, most of their members still see themselves as United Synagogue members.