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CX Diary: Week Ending 04/05/2013

My community visits continued this week as I attended the Edgware Shul AGM and had a high level meeting at Newbury Park with their executive. Combined with a meeting with the Stanmore Chairman, I am ensuring I maintain healthy dialogue with as many of our Shuls as possible.

CX Diary: Week Ending 27/04/2013

Whilst this week was as busy as last, it was far more focused on internal issues. The week started last Sunday with an interesting and very constructive meeting with community Financial Representatives. Here are an incredibly hard working group of volunteers performing what might well be argued is the least appreciated job in our community. But they were still prepared to find the time to attend a meeting called by the United Synagogue Treasurers to discuss the Community Communal Contribution and US membership retention. The meeting was very constructive with a number of positive outcomes. My sincere thanks to all of our Financial Representatives, who do such good work for the community.

CX Diary: Week Ending 20/04/2013

I am the middle of a fourteen day unbroken stint at the moment. On the one hand it is draining, but on the other it is invigorating as I see our communities truly engage with our members, inspiring them, and helping them along their Jewish journey.

CX Diary: Week Ending 13/04/2013

Having spent a really lovely Pesach in Israel, having heard the weather reports from England, I realised how lucky I was away from the desperately cold Chag so many of our members were suffering (Sorry!). It is always a pleasure keeping Pesach in Israel because of the ease of purchasing all the kosher for Pesach products there, although the issue of Kitniyot was always on our mind.

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