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Having Fun on Tribe Camp

CX Diary: Week Ending 1/06/2013

It was another short week this week following the bank holiday weekend, but I was still able to pack a lot in. Administration aside, I spent rather a lot of time working on the next major event for the United Synagogue; the installation of Rabbi Mirvis as Chief Rabbi on the 1st September.

CX Diary: Week Ending 25/05/2013

My week was dominated by our amazing event at The Barbican. Called “Our Journey with the Chief”, this was the United Synagogue’s opportunity to thank the Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks for all his work on behalf of the US and indeed on behalf of the whole of mainstream orthodox Jewry in this country.

CX Diary: Week Ending 18/05/2013

I have enjoyed a wonderful week away, celebrating Shavuot in Modi'in. Whilst I realise the weather was just a little cooler in England, I hope everyone at home had a wonderful Chag.

CX Diary: Week Ending 11/05/2013

We have been running a series of media training courses this week for our rabbinate and a few senior professionals, and I have to say it was a very interesting and worthwhile exercise. We have some real stars amongst our team and this has created a pool of people trained to properly engage with the media as and when called upon to do so, and the feedback we have been receiving from both the trainers and those being trained has been extremely good. I am committed to providing continuing professional development for our team, and this training is just one of many opportunities for Rabbis and staff to develop their professional skills. For example the role that P’eir plays in developing the skills of our Rabbinate is just one area we have invested in over recent years, and I think the positive results of such training is there for all to see.

Di Canio and The Jews

After recently being appointed as manager of Sunderland FC, the Italian ex-footballer, Paulo Di Canio, has been forced to distance himself from comments he made in the past in which he described himself as a fascist, claiming in a club statement last week that he does not support the ideology of Fascism. Other reports state that Di Canio does considers his fascism to be benevolent. He once told the Italian news agency, Ansa: "I am a fascist, not a racist.”