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Having Fun on Tribe Camp

CX Diary – Week Ending 8/11/13

I have been reviewing my diary for the period until I finally take my leave (just before the winter break) and I am amazed at how much work there is and how many engagements I still have to fulfil.

CX Diary: Week Ending 2/11/2013

As you may now know, after over five years as Chief Executive of the United Synagogue I have decided that it is now time to stand down and pass on the baton to a successor.

CX Diary: Week Ending 26/10/2013

For seven years, the Tribe Learn to Lead programme has run a Poland trip for year 12 students (lower sixth form for those of us of a certain age). 

CX Diary: Week Ending 6/10/13

With the Yom Tovim now over, there is an opportunity for both reflection on a very busy summer and some extremely exciting projects over the next few months.

CX Diary 17/09/2013

These short weeks obviously have an impact on the US, especially when our Shuls are totally focussed on the High Holy Days and Chaggim. It is a frantic time for all our Administrators and Wardens, but despite that our Shuls always step up to the mark and do their best to ensure every member and every visitor is catered for.