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CX Diary: Week Ending 19/01/2013

I received a phone call earlier this week from Rabbi Yisrael Fine of Cockfosters and North Southgate. He has served this community for some 25 years, and five years previously at Wembley Shul. He told me that he had decided to plan for his retirement at the end of 2013. He has the full support of his Honorary Officers, and I know he will be sorely missed. I must say that having worked with Rabbi Fine for many years, both in his local capacity and in his role both as chair and executive member of the Rabbinical Council of the US, I have always appreciated his integrity and commitment to the United Synagogue, and his passion for all his community work. He can point to a wonderful legacy at the Cockfosters and North Southgate community, with a wonderful CLC learning programme, a Mikveh on site, and regular shiurim and social activities. He has been a stalwart of the United Synagogue, and we are all so grateful for his service to our community.

CX Diary: Week Ending 12/01/2013

I took the opportunity this week to visit Rabbi Nicky Liss and the Highgate United Synagogue. This shul has been one of the success stories of the United Synagogue, and that is in no small part due to the efforts of Rabbi and Rebbetzen Liss. Rabbi Liss is one of our dynamic younger Rabbis who is making a real mark not just in the Highgate community but across the US, playing an important role within the Rabbinical Council. He is transforming his community, and will I am sure play a vital role in the US for many years to come.

CX Dairy: Week Ending 5/1/2013

Happy secular new year to everyone! Having suffered like so many with a dreadful cough, cold and headaches, I sympathise with everyone who has been in the same boat, and am rather envious of all of you who were able to fly off to warmer climes over the break.

CX Diary Week Ending 22/12/12

A momentous and historic week! Having spent days if not weeks helping the Working and Consulting group reach their unanimous decision, I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. It is with great excitement and anticipation that my team and I look forward to working very closely with Rabbi Mirvis. He is truly a wonderful man, and will grace the position of Chief Rabbi. There is much to do for British Jewry, and as a team I am sure the United Synagogue and the Chief Rabbi will be at the forefront of this work.

CX Diary: Week Ending 15/12/12

It is always lovely to celebrate Chanukah and this week has been a week of candle lighting and “fressing” on doughnuts. Not great for the waistline but good for the spirit. Every weekend evening we light the Chanukia at the office at 305. It is a really lovely event, with all our staff participating, including, I might say, our non-Jewish colleagues. We have such a fantastic team and with everyone singing Maotzur, it was inspiring. A special thank you to Charles Loeb, our Mill Hill administrator for sponsoring one of the night’s doughnuts, and also to everyone who participated in our fundraising event for US Chesed, where the office raised over £500.