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KLBD Kosher App Released For Apple Users

Recently we introduced you to the new KLBD Kosher App which was previously only available to Android users. Exciting news for Apple users as the Kosher App is now available as a free download from the App Store.

Hundreds have already downloaded the app which includes a variety of useful features to assist members of the Jewish community.

The Kosher app includes:

  • Kosher London - An interactive map and list of Kosher Establishments across London with contact information, an option to share via social media and detailed directions to each establishment from your present location
  • Kashrut Coupons: latest offers and discounts at KLBD establishments straight to your phone
  • ‘Split the bill’ which calculates how much each person needs to pay
  • The interactive Kosher Nosh Guide
  • Live feeds with the latest Kosher updates
  • ‘Kashrut Photo Query’ which allows you to take a photo of a food product and send it straight to the KLBD to find out if it is kosher
  • Blessings and prayers

United Synagogue Chief Executive, Jeremy Jacobs said:

"The United Synagogue is proud of the ground-breaking work of our Kashrut department. This latest kosher app is the product of a dedicated team who are working to ensure we make kosher living easily accessible to our members and beyond. I look forward to expanding these applications in the years to come.”

Click here to download the Kosher App for Apple users. Android users can download the app here.

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