Kosher Living

Over 30 Attend Annual KLBD Shomer Seminar

Last week, 30 people took part in the annual KLBD Shomer Seminar organised by Rabbi Hillel Simon, Senior Rabbinic Inspector at the KLBD.

KLBD Kosher London App: The world of Kosher is now at your fingertips

Just in time for the London 2012 Olympics, the KLBD is delighted to announce the launch of the new KLBD Kosher London app, now available as a free download for Android phones and soon to be released in the Apple App Store. The new app will be very useful to both members of the London Jewish community and Jewish tourists visiting the UK for the Olympics and summer holidays.

Kosher By Appointment – Royal Shomrim at Buckingham Palace

Tuesday 25th February 1997. Her Royal Majesty the Queen hosted the President of Israel, Ezer Weizman for a Royal Banquet to mark the first state visit to Great Britain by an Israeli Head of State.  With 200 guests to cater for and some 50 keeping kosher, there was just one major issue that the Palace had to contend with; providing a high quality kosher meal to match the menu that was being served to the other guests. A pre-packaged kosher meal may suffice in other settings but would certainly be frowned upon in Buckingham Palace, an establishment renowned for its perfection and where the Queen personally ensures that the napkins are precisely 17 inches apart.