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Interview With Director of 'Reuniting the Rubins', Yoav Factor

Reuniting the Rubins is out on 21st October! It is the ultimate feel good comedy drama for happy and unhappy families alike! The film tells the tale of Lenny Rubins, a retired lawyer, who is forced to abandon his dream holiday and reluctantly reunite his estranged children to honour his mother's dying wish. You & US managed to secure an interview with the film's writer, director and producer, Yoav Factor.

You & US: Tell us about yourself Yoav. How long have you been in the film industry for? How did you get into it?

Yoav Factor: I fell in love with the notion of making films whilst at Leeds University studying History and Social Anthropology, and spent the next ten years working my way from being the lowly runner to the Producer/Director of my debut feature.


You & US: Do you generally work on films with a Jewish link or all types of films?

Yoav Factor: This is my first film with a Jewish link, though it has a wider appeal as well as it deals with the theme of family and we all have one whatever our culture. Just that the Rubins are Jewish so they have that Kosher flavour. Currently working on a Xmas animation film (well it’s more a film about imagination and corporate greed)!!! Also an exciting psychological thriller is in the pipeline amongst others.


You & US: As Producer of this film what does your role entail?

Yoav Factor: Well, I’m actually the writer/director/producer…. So my role is everything from the creation of the idea, raising finance, directing, and delivery through to the distributor. Not much really!!!!!!


You & US: How easy, or hard, is it to be a religious Jew in the film industry?

Yoav Factor: To be honest it’s a doddle! Well, okay, maybe not. It’s taken an incredible amount of faith and belief that as long as I keep within Torah law, that God will look after me… and it’s worked so far.


You & US: If you wrote the script, where did your inspiration come from?

Yoav Factor: Now, if I answered that my family may have grounds to sue me. ;) …. Well actually all my friends may chip in with law suits.


You & US: How did you manage to secure such a star studded cast?

Yoav Factor: It helped that I have had a BAFTA Nomination and a Cannes Film Festival accolade. That helps open doors and get the script read. Then it’s down to the quality of the script. 


You & US: Did the actors know much about Judaism prior to this or did they need briefing?

Yoav Factor: They may have needed a little bit of briefing and it was fun helping them learn how to pronounce 'Baruch Hashem'!


You & US: How long did it take to film?

Yoav Factor: Incredibly just 32 days.


You & US: What advice would you give a US member wanting to break into the film industry?

Yoav Factor: Don’t do it. I think I must have been insane! Ok, give me a call.


You & US: Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

Yoav Factor: Depending on the reader Michael Douglas, Meryl Streep, Blake Harrison, or Ryan Giggs.


You & US: Do you get to go to lots of premiers?

Yoav Factor: No. I have zero interest in the fame, glamour and glitter of the industry…. only the incredible experience of communicating through cinema to the audience.


You & US: Do you feel the film has a particular message to its viewers?

Yoav Factor: Yes. But you need to go see it to find out. It’s really quite special.


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