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Tribe Summer Camp 2013
Tribe Summer Camp 2013
St John's Wood

St John's Wood United Synagogue Annual Saatchi Cholent Competition

St John's Wood United Synagogue joined together last Shabbat with our friends The Saatchi Shul (an independent modern orthodox synagogue who meet in the St John's Wood Synagogue premises on Shabbat mornings) to hold the 7th Annual Saatchi Cholent Competition.

The format of the competition is simple. Invitations are extended to kosher caterers, restaurants and delis to supply their finest cholent for blind analysis by hungry congregants and to be compared against rival cholent makers. Unfortunately one of this year's original six entrants failed to appear for starters orders before Shabbat. The remaining five competitors were Menachem's, Adafina of St John's Wood, Kosher Deli (the winner for the last few years), newcomer Deli West One (KLBD's newest eatery in the West End) and Just Kosher. Each competitor was anonymously stationed around the shul's Moritz Gertler Hall. In addition to the cholents, a selection of potato kugels were also served and to wash down the proceedings, cholent's natural accompaniments, whisky and Kiddush wine were served.

After Kiddush by Dayan Binstock the tastings began with relish and with the blind tasting of each cholent complete the community were invited to gather round their favourite table to show their support and vote. The new boy in the competition, Deli West One stormed to a resounding victory and was crowned Cholent of the Year 2012. Our thanks to all those who competed this year and to our friends at Saatchi for organising the competition at St John's Wood.

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