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Tribe Summer Camp 2013
Tribe Summer Camp 2013

Olympics Closing Kiddush at Ealing US

Last Shabbat, Ealing Synagogue held an “Olympics Closing Kiddush”.  The morning Shabbat service ended with Chazan Neil Shestopal leading the congregation in a rousing rendition of Adon Olam to the tune of Chariots of Fire. 

The Kiddush was a very light hearted occasion, made all the merrier with copious jugs of Pimms. Members of the congregation wore their Olympic and volunteer outfits or dressed in red, white and blue. Synagogue Chairman Stephen Hirst presented the medals, which were carried on a tallit bag by Dawn Shestopal. The medal winners were: Ros Eger (Gold) for always making sure there is a Kiddush each week; Anthony Scott (Silver) for attending every single minyan; Basil Mann (joint Bronze) for keeping us safe in his role as Ealing Synagogue's head of Security and for his volunteer work at the Olympics; Sam Glass (joint Bronze), our resident younger athlete who will be competing at the Maccabiah Games next year; and Ben Jacobs (joint Bronze) for being the youngest (aged 4) and cutest boy in shul that day. Thanks to Leslie Sommer and Basil Mann for loaning their Olympic memorabilia.

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