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Tribe Summer Camp 2013
Tribe Summer Camp 2013

Neros "Ask the Panel"

Neros (North East Regional Orthodox Synagogues) held an "Ask the Panel" evening at Ilford United Synagogue on Monday 22nd October.

The panelists were Howard Kemp (Chair of Governors at IJPS), Rebbitzen Esther Livingstone, Rev Gary Newman (Newbury Park) and Manny Robinson (retired editor of Essex Jewish News). Marc Levy (Chair of Newbury Park Shul) was the Chairman for the evening.

There were a wide range of questions. One asked about the problem of morning Minyanim and a suggestion was made that there could be a joint Minyan at KS which could bring in the older boys as well. Reference was made to Gibraltar where the various Shuls hold a joint Minyan moving to different Shuls at regular intervals.

Another questioner asked the panel their views about the Jimmy Savile allegations. The panel pointed out the difference between what was in the public interest and what the public were interested in. It was also pointed out that the man is not here to defend himself.

There was a question about "Jewish mother of the Year" and perhaps we should not print the comments made.

The panel were asked to comment about the clash between Mitzvah Day and the Annual Ajex March. We were informed that our Mitzvah Day was linked to the American Day but also closely linked to the Remembrance Day. It was also pointed out that attending the March was a Mitzvah itself. There was also a suggestion that a better name would be Chesed (Kindness) Day.

Also discussed were ways to bring families back to Shul.

In answer to another question, the panel also felt that it was not correct for Diaspora Jews to interfere in Israeli political affairs.

The evening finished with a vote of thanks and refreshments.

Video and photos from this evening will be available in a few days by visiting www.neros.org.uk

The next Neros event will be a Chanukah Breakfast with Geoffrey Hartnell on 9th December. For further details please see the Neros website (Communal Calendar Page).

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