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Tribe Summer Camp 2013
Tribe Summer Camp 2013

Introducing Leor Harel, Youth Director at Belmont United Synagogue

Leor Harel was recently appointed as the new youth director at Belmont United Synagogue. Here he speaks to You & US to discuss his new role and what his plans are for the youth at Belmont.

You & US: Hi Leor, why did you apply to become a Tribe Youth Director and why specifically at Belmont?

Leor Harel:I have been visiting Belmont as a visitor for a while and the community have always been extremely warm and welcoming. The position of Tribe Youth Director excited me as a good opportunity to work with a group of young people with amazing potential and ensure that their Jewish experience at shul is a positive one. 

You & US: What will your role involve? Do you have any specific ideas or activities that you are hoping to introduce to the Belmont Community?

Leor: My role is to create an open, enabling environment within our shul where all children and young people have the opportunity to express themselves and engage with Judaism in a fun and interactive way. Together with Deborah Kaiser, who is supporting me in my role, we have introduced the Tribe Challenge Programme to Belmont for children of bar/bat mitzvah age which has been an initial success. We are also currently working on making the children’s service as fun as possible with games and informal discussions every week and themed kiddushim on special occasions. 

You & US: Which school did you go to?

Leor: I went to Sinai school and JFS.

You & US: Did you take a gap year? If yes what did you do?

Leor: I lived in Jerusalem and studied in Derech Yeshivah.

You & US: What and where are you studying now?

Leor: I am currently studying Primary Education at the University of Hertfordshire.

You & US: Any hobbies?

Leor: Running the children’s service on Shabbat morning!!! Other than that I enjoy watching or playing football, music and hanging out with friends.

To get in touch with Leor, please email Belmont@tribeuk.com

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