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Tribe Summer Camp 2013
Tribe Summer Camp 2013

Ilford hold special screening of 'Israel Inside' to mark Yom Yerushalayim

Over 70 members of the Ilford US Community marked Yom Yerushalyim at a special screening of the inspirational ‘Israel Inside’ video, which was produced by online Jewish learning organisation JerusalemOnlineU and shown in partnership with the US Living & Learning Department. The video highlighted the incredible and life changing inventions and products that Israel is responsible for.

As part of the event, Ilford Community Rabbi Hyman brought in Ben Stross, Director of Distribution UK for JerusalemOnlineU to address the audience to discuss how Israel, which is such a small nation, can be responsible for so many incredible innovations. During the discussion that followed, a questioner asked that “surely this is preaching to the converted by showing it (Israel Inside) to us today.” Rabbi Hyman responded by pointing out that “in these troubled times even we need to be inspired, in order that we continue to inspire others."

Audience members were asked to fill in a short survey to gauge their feelings and opinions on Judaism, Israel and the content produced by JerusalemOnlineU.com. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive with 78% saying they felt proud to be Jewish and 92% proud to be part of Israel. Over a third said that they wanted to see more material from JerusalemOnlineU.

Ros Shear, the joint chair of the Ladies Guild and wife of the Chairman said:

"I felt uplifted, and it made me feel very proud. It was good to see a film about Israel that was so positive. It should be shown to as many people as possible".

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