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Tribe Summer Camp 2013
Tribe Summer Camp 2013
Stanmore & Canons Park

Haim Potter Production at Stanmore & Canons Park United Synagogue

What do you get when you combine the energy and talents of years 5 and 6, one of Rabbi Shaw’s legendary scripts and the dynamism of Juliet Schneiderman and her team of helpers?

The answer is magical. And it really was. "Haim Potter and the Megilla of Fire" was truly a spectacular performance. The "club 56" crew assembled twice a week in the months preceding the play. They rehearsed tirelessly, practising their lines, their songs and their dance moves. They participated in creating some of the scenery and props for the production and sat together as a group to enjoy a delicious and well-earned take away supper. There were games, quizzes and lots of sour sticks!

This was a revamped production of the play that was written by Rabbi Shaw many years ago. The idea is to create a sense of belonging and unity amongst the younger members of the community, so that they feel comfortable coming to shul and have a connection with the Assistant Community Rabbi and Rebbetzen, Rabbi Benji and Aviva Landau, to the Tribe youth director Ben Gordon, and to the shul as a whole.

The tremendous unity created during the rehearsals was evident on stage during the shows. The cast supported each other beautifully on the rare occasion of a forgotten line, they helped each other with their costumes backstage, and stood proudly as a group to belt out the words of the finale song.

With new friendships forged, a new love developed for attending shul, and a fantastic show staged, there was only one question left for the parents to ask at the end of the evening.

“When are the auditions for the next show?”

Don’t worry, they are coming soon, in a shul near you.

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