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Tribe Summer Camp 2013
Tribe Summer Camp 2013

Do you know the family of Harold SIMMONDS who died in WW2?

The small Jewish Community of Harrow commemorated on a Memorial Board the eleven members whom it lost during the Second World War. When Harrow Synagogue ceased to function the Memorial Board was brought to Pinner and displayed in the old Pinner Synagogue (which was later replaced by the present Pinner Synagogue). Recently the long lost Harrow Memorial Board was rediscovered and Pinner Synagogue are now urgently trying to trace as many as possible of the families of these servicemen so that they can be invited a Rededication Service on 11 November 2012 but, to date, we have been unable to trace living relatives of Harold Simmonds:

SIMMONDS, Harold. RAF. Died 1943. Husband of Lily Simmonds (of Kenton, Middlesex). Son of Hyman SIMMONDS and Sarah (nee SCHNITZER).

We are also trying to trace Sarah’s siblings (and their descendants) including:

·Louis/Lewis SCHNITZER (born c.1877)

·Rachel Jessie SCHNITZER (born c. 1880) who married Mark FREEMAN, and had children called Morris and Abram.

·Barnett/Bernard SCHNITZER who changed his surname to SIMMONDS and married Hannah MYERS in 1919. They had two children Elliot(t) SCHNITZER/SIMMONDS and Rhoda SCHNITZER/SIMMONDS.

If anyone is aware of any family of these men then please email Laurence Harris at laurence@lizlo.com who is co-ordinating this search.

The Service for the Rededication of the Harrow Memorial Board and the Consecration Stone of the First Pinner Synagogue, including talks about the Servicemen followed by refreshments, will be held at 3.00pm on Sunday 11 November 2012 at Pinner Synagogue, and further details are available at http://pinnershul.org/events/remembrance-sunday-tea or from the Synagogue office.  

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