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Tribe Summer Camp 2013
Tribe Summer Camp 2013

Clayhall United Synagogue Annual Educational Shabbaton

With great food (and drink!), true community spirit and engaging learning sessions, Clayhall's annual Shabbaton this past week was a fantastic success.

Guest speaker, Rabbi Dr Moshe Freedman ran a discussion group entitled 'The Ten Commandments of Parenting' and also gave an erudite presentation on 'Morality, Sin and The Garden of Eden' which included some fascinating materials and sources. Rabbi Wilson ran a lively discussion group for parents entitled 'Anti-Social Media' in which participants considered their attitudes to social media in light of their core values.

This was a true something-for-everyone event, with exciting programmes for children as well as a choice of parallel learning programmes for adults.

Rabbi Wilson commented:'Our goal at Clayhall is always to provide for all age groups, and from the great feedback we've had over the past few days it's great to see that we are finding the right formula. Kol hakavod to everyone who helped make this event a success'.

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