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Tribe Summer Camp 2013
Tribe Summer Camp 2013

Belmont Warmly Welcome New Rabbinic Team

Last Shabbat at Belmont, the new rabbinic team, Rabbi Elchonon & Rebbetzen Jacqueline Feldman were given a warm and enthusiastic welcome to their new community.
Rabbi and Rebbetzen Feldman.JPG
Rebbetzen Jacqueline Feldman and Rabbi Elchonon

Having spent a pleasant and engaging Shabbat with the Feldmans, the Belmont community gave their final seal of approval to the new rabbinic team on Motzei Shabbat. A high voter turnout with well over 90% voting in favour was testament to the community’s enthusiastic response to the Feldmans.

Anthony Broza, Chairman of Belmont commented;

“Rabbi Elchonon & Rebbetzen Jacqueline made a dynamic impact on the entire Belmont Community over Shabbat. Rabbi Feldman’s sermons and shiurim were a delight to listen to and they both acquitted themselves magnificently in front of the entire community. I have no doubt that they will make a major impact on the entire kehilla and enable us to continue to grow”

On Friday night, Rabbi Feldman led the service and gave an inspiring Dvar Torah to the community. Shabbat morning was devoted to seeing and hearing Rabbi Feldman in his element, giving an entertaining and passionate sermon, reading from the Torah and leading the Mussaph service. After a community Kiddush the Feldmans took part in an interactive questions and answer session where they spoke of their plans for the future of the community and how they wanted to involve all segments of the membership from young to old.

Rabbi and Rebbetzen Feldman have been living in Israel and both have backgrounds deeply entrenched with social and community work, involving people of all ages, differing levels of orthodoxy and working with people with special needs. The couple have three children.

Rabbi Elchonon Feldman has over 15 years experience at high level Yeshivot as both student and teacher where he gained the relevant Torah fundamentals and skills to lead and teach a congregation. This is complemented by a degree in Liberal Arts and a councellor’s license. He received semicha last year and recently completed a two year rabbinic training programme at the Ohr Lagolah Leadership Institute.

Jacqueline Feldman was born and bred in London and is a graduate of Hasmonean Girls School and Kings College where she achieved a degree in Neuro-Science.

Whilst living in Israel, Jacqueline worked at the ‘Tzofia’ and ‘Bnot Torah Institute’ seminaries teaching teenage girls. She also assisted girls struggling at school, boosting their confidence and self-esteem through involvement in charity and community work as well as helping to set up a drop-in centre where girls can socialise and become involved with their communities.

Both Rabbi and Rebbetzin Feldman are looking forward to joining Belmont United Synagogue and said on their appointment:

“My wife Jacqueline and I are thrilled to be joining Belmont. We have already had a taste of the warm and friendly atmosphere which has been the hallmark of this wonderful community and this has only added to our excitement at this great opportunity. We hope to bring to the table our enthusiastic and caring personalities to add yet another dimension to this well established bedrock of proud anglo-jewery.”

Belmont United Synagogue is a thriving, Zionist, modern orthodox community with over 600 family members. Based in North West London, it is a diverse, caring community which provides a wide range of services for all of its members including adult cultural and educational activities, a variety of children’s programmes and care services for the elderly. Along with the community’s passion for Israel, many are involved in regular volunteering and chesed projects.

I had the pleasure of meeting Rabbi Feldman when he came to observe me offciating at a levayah this week. He has a warm personality and is clearly fired with a sense of mission. I'm sure he will be a great success, and I wish him all the best in his avodat ha-kodesh,

Rabbi Dr Jeffrey COhen
Mazel Tov Belmont! Israel's loss is your gain. Rabbi Feldman rocks!
I've been honored to learn in the same Beis Medrish as Rabbi Feldman, as well as be a guest at the Feldman's (famous!) Jerusalem shabbos table.

The Belmont community couldn't have chosen better. And what a zchus for the broader community. Well done!!
As a rebbe to Rabbi Feldman, I believe that he will become a tremendous asset to his new community, as well as Greater London Jewry. May he go machayil el chayil together with his new congregation and uplift and enlighten the eyes of us all.
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