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Tribe Summer Camp 2013
Tribe Summer Camp 2013

'Aloha Hampstead' Friday Night Young Professionals Dinner: One to Remember

Last Friday night, Josh and Yocheved Zaitschek, Education and Programme Directors of the Hampstead United Synagogue, held a spectacular Hawaiian Friday night dinner called ‘Aloha Hampstead’ for young professionals. It was a smashing success!

The event sold out well in advance with 120 people in attendance. Everyone loved the decor including sand, palm trees and live tropical fish and raved about the food (catered by the Zaitschek's). The tiki bar (especially brought over from America) was a huge hit amongst the guests who were able to enjoy a wide variety of exotic cocktails.

Just in case anyone was worried, all 24 fish are alive and swimming happily in an aquarium.

Daniel Domb, a member of the Launch committee at Hampstead United Synagogue said:

"We have held great Friday night dinners at Dennington Park Road before, but this was on a completely different level. We hosted over 100 people for a Hawaiian themed evening, the old shul hall was made to look visually incredible and importantly we managed to maintain the relaxed and intimate atmosphere we are known for. Huge thanks must go to Yocheved and Josh Zaitschek, our new Programmes Directors, who put so much effort into ensuring the event was so successful and for home-cooking all of the delicious Hawaiian-style food themselves."

Oliver Sloam, also a member of the Launch committee at Hampstead United Synagogue added:

“The sheer amount of effort that went in to the Aloha Friday Night Dinner by Josh and Yocheved was unbelievable, from the floating fish to printed menus, cocktail bar etc...

All the guests I sat with were so impressed, especially when they heard that Josh and Yocheved had pretty much catered most of the dishes themselves. This was easily the most successful Friday night dinner in the five years I have been with Launch and I can’t wait until the next one!

(below, Josh Zaitschek, Education and Programme Director of Hampstead United Synagogue and organiser of the 'Aloha Hampstead' Friday night dinner.)                                                                                

(The Hawaiian Friday Night Layout)

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