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Tribe Members Jump Out of a Plane for US Chesed Bursary Fund

Two weeks ago, we reported that three Tribe members would be jumping out of a plane to raise money for the US Chesed Bursary Fund - Simone Mervish of Clayhall United Synagogue, Ilai Schechter of Pinner United Synagogue and Rachel Skry of New West End United Synagogue. 

Tribe programmes, particularly Israel Tour, have a huge impact on our teenagers. Tribe provides a unique opportunity for young Jews to socialise and embrace their Jewish identity with pride. Yet the sad reality is that some families simply cannot afford the cost and that’s why we have created the US Chesed Bursary Fund.

All three have either participated on Jewish camps, know people that the Chesed Bursary Fund has helped and how grateful that person is, or just believe in the importance of all young Jewish children having the same opportunities and mixing with other Jewish kids in a safe, Jewish environment. Below are their photos and a video to prove that they did this brave act!

You can still sponsor them at their Just Giving pages:

Simone Mervish, aged 23 from Clayhall United Synagogue and a qualified Radiographer, loves rollercoasters and saw jumping out of a plane as the next step in her heart stopping antics. You can sponsor her here:

Ilai Schechter, aged 19 from Pinner United Synagogue is currently completing an engineering course and will then be undertaking an internship at an Israeli CCTV company.  You can sponsor him here at

Rachel Skry, aged 19, from the New West End community, has recently finished her first year studying Psychology at Leeds Met. Rachel has been to Israel on a school trip and on tour after her GCSE’s as well as family trips, so knows how important it is for Jewish youngsters to understand their heritage and mix with other Jewish youngsters. You can sponsor her here:

Photos taken by Oliver Hyman

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